I have different interests I pursue. Some of my passions and random facts about me include:

  • I can often be found training in and coaching Krav Maga. While living a Boston, I was a member of the Krav Maga Yashir Boston school. 
  • I'm an avid skier. I also trained in gymnastics for many years; see some old footage here and here.
  • I love learning new languages. Recently I've been particularly fascinated by Mandarin Chinese (see below) and Spanish.
  • Here is the speech I gave as the valedictorian of my graduating class at UBC.


学汉语 (Learning Mandarin Chinese)

我自学说中文,学了两年了。我非常喜欢过程的挑战(也不介意偷听中国人的话 ;-))。

Here's my collection of the very best online resources for learning Chinese:

  • MDBG: the best dictionary online
  • ChinesePod: podcasts. Very comprehensive coverage of various conversational situations
  • NCIKU: lots of example sentences for word usage
  • FluentU: lots of videos with appended subtitles in pinyin, characters, and an English translation